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Sueharu Maru (丸 末晴, Maru Sueharu) is the main male protagonist of the Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy series.


He has average features for the entertainment world.


Sueharu is a kind boy, that even in bad moments, he can still think of his friends. He's a person whose every fiber is aimed at making others happy, being honest, caring and quick with words.

However, Sueharu have some flaws, not being able to read the room, emotional and even impulsive. He also doesn't see himself as a handsome person, making him a little insecure. Because he still is a bit of an immature teenager, he is lewd sometimes, especially around Rena and Midori.


In his childhood, Sueharu was known for his outstanding acting skills . He was nicknamed as "The Child Actor Prodigy". During his childhood, he met Shirokusa Kachi where they became friends. She fell in love with him with the time they spent and his passion towards work. He also met Maria Momosaka, becoming her tutor. This acting career stopped due to his mother's death in an accident. From there, he was too traumatized to go in front of a stage for many years, causing the end of his acting career. But many companies and studios strive take back Sueharu because his acting skills that no one can ever match.

In the first year of high school, he decides to confess to Shiro at the Confession Festival, however he learns that she already has a boyfriend, Sueharu feels crushed. He was comforted by Kuroha Shida, another childhood friend who confessed to him a month ago, but was rejected because he had already fallen in love for Shiro. They form a plan to get revenge on Abe and Shiro, and Sueharu agrees to pretend that he and Kuro are going out.


  • The name Sueharu means "end, close, tip, powder, posterity" (末) (sue) and "clear weather" (晴) (haru).
  • Sueharu's surname Maru means "round, circle, pills, purity" (丸).


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