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Shirokusa Kachi (可知 白草, Shirokusa Kachi), also known as Shiro (シロ), is the 2nd main female protagonist in the Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy series. She is Sueharu Maru's first love interest.


Shiro is an "incredible beauty", with a faultless countenance and long, beautiful black hair. She wears knee socks and has an "ample bosom" and a "self-indulgent body".

Shiro projects a strong aura of self-centeredness, having a humourless frigidity and she also speaks with a dispassionate tone.

When Shiro was a child, she had a tomboyish appearance.


Shiro is quite smart and popular and has earned an Akutami Award. However, she is quite hard to approach and cold to others, causing her to not have many friends.

Anyone talking to her would meet her fierce and angry look, although around Sueharu, she becomes nervous and blushed.

When she was a child, Shiro was introverted, clumsy and lacked of self-confidence.


Shiro used to be a lonely girl in her childhood, she usually did nothing but studying. She fell in love with Sueharu Maru when she saw him on TV because his act made her sad and happy at the same time. When Shiro met him in person, she became his friend, making a promise of work on a movie together.

However they distanced themselves due to his work and after Sueharu quit acting because of his mother's death trauma, Shiro believed their promise was a lie, Shiro decided to prove herself to him, working hard in become a strong, pretty and famous author and then enacting her revenge by making him fall in love for her to reject him brutally.


  • The name Shirokusa means "white" (白) (shiro) and "grass, herb, weed" (草) (kusa).
  • Shirokusa's surname Kachi means "river, stream" (可) (ka) and "knowledge" (知) (chi).


White Clover Hairclip

  • According to Shiro, her name actually comes from "white clover". She also wears a white clover hairclip. It means "happiness”, “promise”, “think of me”, and “be mine”.


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