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Shion Ōragi (大良儀 紫苑, Ōragi Shion) is one of the supporting characters in the Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy series.


Shion has beautiful features, but dead fish eyes. She has short hair, with the bangs and side hair longer than the hair on the back.

While working on Kachi's Mansion, she uses a tight european maid outfit that emphasizes her large chest, but at school, she uses an uniform with folded/unfolded sheeves.


Shion has a big ego, liking to boast using words like "genius" and "perfect". She tends to lie, and she is rude sometimes.

Shion an energetic person, even childish, giving the impression she isn't very inteligent. However, she is a very rational person, disliking emotional behavior.


After Shion's father died when she was on the fifth grade of elementary school, working hard to pay his ex-wife debt, but Shion was soon adopted by her classmate's father, becoming an exclusive maid of Kachi's mansion.

She also studies on Hozomino High School, in a different class than her mistress.


  • Shirokusa Kachi: They became friends at school and, after her father died, Shion was adopted by Shiro's father, growing up together like sisters, with Shion developing feelings for her. However, they usually not interact on school by Shiro's request, in order to "get stronger" by herself.
  • Sueharu Maru: Although she's very grateful for his friendship with Shiro helped her came back to school, Shion is very jealous of how close they are. She's willing to do anything to sabotage any chance of they get together.
  • Soichiro Kachi: After learning about her father's death and mother's desmise, He adopted his daughter's friend. She is very grateful to him, deciding to repay him by becoming his maid.
  • Parents: She admires her dad, but despises her mother.
  • Toka Esukawa: They both are classmates, also Toka was Shion's supervisor while she was member of the student council.


  • The name Shion means "light purple" (紫苑) (shion).
  • Shion's surname Ōragi means "big, great" (大) (ō), "good, virtuous, respectable" (良) (ra) and "ceremony, rites" (儀) (gi).



  • Her name has a color reference ("Purple").


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